Paint Color and Texture Controls Request for Quote

Color, Finish, Masking are All Part of the Design Octaves Paint Control Process



At Design Octaves one of the final steps to producing a quality Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) part is the paint and decoration. The challenges involved in the paint and decoration step are primarily the matching of the customer paint color, gloss and texture specifications.

Over the years we have developed an extensive program for controlling these parameters, allowing us to consistently deliver well-finished parts month after month.

Our first step to providing the customer with consistent color, gloss, and texture is the paint approval process. This process starts with the clients’ specification, whether it be a provided manufacturer paint part number or a requested color match from an existing chip or sample. All received paint is required to be delivered to Design Octaves with a “spray-out” from the paint batch completed by the paint manufacturer prior to canning. If Design Octaves agrees with the spray-out color and gloss then we will spray textured chips for client review at the project start. If the provided sample chips are found to be satisfactory by the client, we request a small quantity of customer signed chips to be returned to Design Octaves for use as the standard or master chips going forward on the project. If the sample chips are not found to be satisfactory, the process will be repeated until successful. For Design Octaves, it is critical that our customer’s finish requirements and expectations are thoroughly understood and satisfied before we think of moving forward with the finishing of the First Article part.

For ongoing paint quality control, the core of our system is the receiving inspection and approval of all incoming paint. The received spray-out chip from each new batch of paint is inspected against the customer approved Master Chip, using our light box for color match verification and our gloss meter for within tolerance confirmation of the gloss. Once approved the paint cans are labeled for use. If any deviation from the master is found, the paint is returned immediately to the manufacturer for replacement.

All finished product is 100% visually inspected using a customer approved textured Textured Master Chip to ensure finished product color, gloss and texture are acceptable with customer expectations and specifications.

Design Octaves utilizes the latest in paint inspection technology including lightbox, gloss meter, and spectrophotometer.