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Design Octaves Manufactures Custom Enclosures in a Variety of Sizes to 65"
Design Octaves Parts Are Very Detailed on Both Front and Back Sides with All Features Molded in Place.

At Design Octaves one of our core philosophies is we mold every feature required by our clients into the RIM enclosure with no secondary machining or gluing. This allows for perfect part to part repeatability and helps our clients with assembly. Another benefit of molding all features in place is our over molded insert technology which allows us to mold in the correct sized insert, at any angle, direction and depth, every time.

Another philosophy at Design Octaves is perfect tools make perfect parts. We build all our tools in-house with extensive DFM analysis and planning for not only getting you the first part, but every part for the life of the program. We guarantee our tools for a minimum of 10,000 cycles and many of our tools have exceeded 20,000 cycles.

At Design Octaves we do everything possible under one roof. This allows us to deliver very consistent finishes with lot to lot matching of color, texture, decoration, EMI/RFI shielding, and part geometry.

We truly embrace our ISO 9001 Certification at Design Octaves. We run our company from all levels of production while many times improving our process because of findings made at the production level. We document our work instructions based on our staff's input and bring every involved person at our company to the table for problem-solving and system improvements

Quality Parts: A Product of Your Designs and Our Expertise
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