CAD Analysis Request for Quote

Extensive DFM and CAD Analysis is Provided by Design Octaves For Our Clients
Fit, Reveal, Paint Allowance, Alignment, Undercuts and Draft are all part of the Design Octaves DFM Process

The first stop in the Design Octaves Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) process occurs in our CAD Department. This is where we review your files – even if they are preliminary and still in the sketch stage. While we can’t actually design your part or provide you technical design guidance, we will work with you to make suggestions that have the potential to:

  • Improve the moldability and functionality of your part
  • Speed up the production of your parts
  • Reduce the manufacturing risk of your parts
  • Save you money by reducing the overall cost of your parts

CAD File Format

Design Octaves uses the latest version of SolidWorks in our tool design department, therefore the preferred format for CAD files is SolidWorks, if SolidWorks is not available then we can accept STEP files. All CAD files or engineering documents can be safely uploaded through the Request for Quote link on our website.