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Deflash and Finish Department at Design Octaves

Design Octaves uses reaction injection molding (RIM) to create complex plastic enclosures for countless applications. Our unique reaction injection molding process enables us to produce the highest quality plastic enclosures on the market. We welcome you to visit our facility so you can see our RIM process in action. Contact us to schedule a factory tour or to discuss your project. 

RIM for Plastic Enclosures 

No other plastic enclosure manufacturer does reaction injection molding like Design Octaves. Highlights of our one-of-a-kind RIM process include:

  • Our reaction injection molding expertise enables us to produce complex geometries, with inside and outside details molded right into the part.
  • By creating our molds and tooling in-house, based on our clients’ designs, we can ensure precision, conformity, and repeatability.
  • Unlike traditional injection molding, our reaction injection molding processes allow for the design and molding of a part with thick and thin walls.
  • Our RIM process molds all details into plastic enclosures with no secondary machining or operations required.
  • All of our reaction injection molded parts are carefully hand finished and painted to client specifications.

More on Reaction Injection Molding

To learn more about how we produce top quality plastic enclosures, read about the RIM process, process and material comparisons, our plastic painting capabilities, other value-added services we provide. You’ll see what it is that makes Design Octaves an industry-leading plastic enclosure manufacturer.

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Using reaction injection molding, Design Octaves creates high-end, limited-run plastic enclosures for a multitude of industries. Contact Design Octaves today to tell us about your project or request a quote.