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Cross Section of Design Octaves Part with Overmolded Standoffs, Axel and Inserts

If you need top quality plastic enclosures with complex details and/or intricate geometries, you need Design Octaves. We use reaction injection molding (RIM) to produce high precision plastic enclosures for numerous industries and applications. Request a quote on custom plastic enclosures, or contact us to discuss your project.

Why Choose Design Octaves for Plastic Enclosures?

When you work with Design Octaves, you won’t just receive plastic enclosures that perfectly match your designs. You’ll receive premium quality parts with many special features. For example: 

  • All our reaction injection molded plastic enclosures are rated at UL94V-0 for flammability. This rating is based on a nominal wall thickness of 3mm or 6mm, depending on thickness requirements.
  • Our plastic enclosures are RoHS2 compliant for worldwide use.
  • UL-approved EMI/RFI shielding can be applied to plastic enclosures, as needed.
  • Our plastic enclosures are lightweight yet strong, thanks to the thermoset RIM materials available.
  • Our reaction injection molding capabilities enable us to provide added details such as overmolded magnets and sheet metal, machined metal and plastic components, inserts, and more.
  • We offer in-house painting and silkscreen decoration services; we can also paint-match to sheet metal or injection molded parts.

Design Octaves RIM vs. the Competition 

Reaction injection molding is not the only method of producing plastic enclosures. But no other process can provide the precision and complexity that our RIM processes can. Learn how reaction injection molding stacks up to other methods and you’ll see why our plastic enclosures are the best on the market.

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Design Octaves is one of the industry’s leading plastic enclosure manufacturers. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you, or request a quote on the premium quality plastic enclosures you need.