Why Choose our Reaction Injection Molding (RIM) Process Request for Quote

Design Octaves Quality Shows on Every Part Shipped Out Our Door

Design Octaves is an outstanding company widely known for our excellent quality, on-time delivery, and proactive customer service. But the true strength of Design Octaves is our people. The average length of service is over 17 years. We have a seasoned crew who understands customer requirements and continually makes suggestions on how to improve our processes. We listen to them! Over the 37 years that we have been in business, we have emphasized employee involvement while continually improving our processes and systems. We treat people with respect and listen to their ideas. In return, our team produces high-quality parts and has an extremely high level of pride in the parts they produce. We don’t just sell plastic parts, we sell quality and integrity.

We go out of our way to make sure our customers get exactly what they need, and stay within budget. We like to get involved early in the process and help to review and evaluate your design for RIM. We can often make suggestions to improve the function of the part while keeping the tooling and part prices down. Once your tooling is complete, the service does not stop there. We have an automated tool maintenance program to make sure your tool is always clean and ready to go and there is never a charge for tool maintenance or reconditioning. We can run low volumes – as low as 10-pieces lots and there is never a set-up charge. We can match our delivery rate to your build rate so you keep your inventory low. We have an excellent ERP system – E2 by Shoptech – where we track every aspect of your job. When needed we can provide real-time updates on the progress of your project, and once we confirm your delivery date you can be confident we will deliver on time.